Sunflower Sutra

cover />Listen to Sunflower Sutra's album, "One Little Bite," in its entirety:

Sacred Communion


Young & Wise

Like Wooden Sunshine

Seven Year Lydocaine

Red Apple

Unknown #3 (Live)


Sunflower Sutra

Recently reformed after a nearly-12-year hiatus, Leland was a co-founding member of the band Sunflower Sutra in 2002.  The band remained active until early 2005, and reformed in late 2016.

He has co-authored about half of their original compositions, one of which ("Shine") appears on their only release, "One Little Bite."

Leland also produced and engineered their only release, "One Little Bite," and co-designed the album artwork.  He also designed many of the band's Posters and other artwork.

You may visit Sunflower Sutra online at their facebook page:

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