Musician & Composer

Musician & Composer

A long time musician, Leland is also an award-winning Composer. 

Leland began his musical study at the age of 9.  By 11 years old, he'd begun to study guitar.  It is still his primary instrument.  Leland is also very proficient on keyboard and percussion instruments.  When asked what he plays, he likes to say, "Anything with strings or keys."

Leland also recently began scoring short films.  Most notably, he won "Best Score" in Seattle's 48-Hour Film Project in 2013, for his contribution to the short film "Training Orders" (by Team America), among a field of 60 films.

Whether sitting in for an absent performer, performing in the studio, or composing a jingle, the background music in a promotional video, or the score for your film, Leland offers his unique musical style to your project.

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